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Taking Stock and Moving Forward: ENLR Evolves into a Holistic Competition Law Journal

Four years ago Lexxion Publisher launched together with Robert Klotz and a board of excellent legal experts the European Networks Law and Regulation Quarterly. Thanks to their unfailing assistance ENLR has taken shape and developed over time.

Nowadays the feedback from the market clearly suggests that widening the scope of ENLR would enhance the distribution. We therefore decided to broaden ENLR’s thematic approach and innovate our quarterly accordingly. Today Lexxion Publisher is delighted to announce the launch of CoRe - European Competition and Regulatory Law Review. The core remains unchanged though. Robert Klotz will continue to be our distinct managing editor. Likewise, the implications of competition and regulatory law in the world of network industries will continue to matter. CoRe promises to keep you informed about recent legal and policy developments not only in the field of network industries, the law review’s holistic approach will permit to cover further important sectors as well and provide you a unique comprehensive overview.

The first issue of CoRe will be published in early 2017. I would be very pleased to count you among our first readers.

My special thanks go to Robert Klotz for his superb cooperation and commitment to ENLR, and his willingness to enter the new venture CoRe.

Wolfgang Andreae

Lexxion Publisher

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